Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

nv126 True God


  1. Clams Casino - I'm God
    "I'm God"
    "I'm God"

    You know I always wanted to be the best
    You know I always wanted to be God
    This is real talk
    It's Lil' B, yeah

    [Lil B:]
    My new name is BasedGod, ice cream paintjob
    Only come out in the dim lights, vampire
    Shouts out to A.E. for riding in that 6-0
    Roof out, stick slow, think fast, talk slow
    Dude tried to play me, leave him with his bitch broke
    Sorry for the cuss words, fuck that, curse mode
    Bruh did thangs, shoulda been in the Hearse fo'
    Now I'm spittin' rap shit, gave me suttin' to live fo'
    Hit him with the P-9, bet it'll make his ribs show
    Rap game is too fake, real niggaz lay low
    Word around town that you living with a halo
    Bet I got killers puttin' cash on Halo
    No X-Box, shouts out to Toon, baby
    Free Toon, baby, free Rocky, bitch

    Free Rocky, free Rocky, bitch
    Free Toon, baby
    Feel me, yeah

    Bruh think I'm gay kuz I'm grinding in my tiny pants
    Bet I'm the only goon nigga in these tiny pants
    Sending off shots, kick-back make ya wrist jam
    Fully-loaded thing on my arm like a wristband
    You don't wanna Space Jam, better off to vacate
    No, it's no template, the textures, 6 kids, reckless
    Hands around your neck like a necklace
    Leave you screwed and chopped, have him thinkin' he in Texas, nigga

    Yeah, you know what I mean
    The mind is so complex when you're Based
    32 Levels
    Welcome to my world, like I said I been ready
    And it feels good to be here now
    Finally realized, who's the rawest rapper
    (Yes) Lil' B

    Just kuz you're a rich rapper don't really mean shit
    I'll come to ya crib and clear that whole bitch out
    And then blow the switch out, my mouth put the stick out
    I can't be high and robbin' pussies with my dick out
    I guess I'm a showoff, take my raincoat off
    I'm so wet that the pussy get mad at me
    Switch cars, new colors, call it raspberry
    Got my own website with the dot com
    Take it out the bag, open stove like Top Ramen
    I don't sell coke, my niggaz look out for me
    They ain't wanna let me fall off the (balcony)
    That's like losing Mike Vick on the Falcon team
    We a faculty, but I'm the team leader
    I pass you guys, I'm in the two-seater
    And what's wrong with you, this is Hip-Hop
    This that '09 shit, I call it Based World

    Based World (Yes)
    That's what I call it, Based World (yeah)
    You know what I mean
    So just to tell you, it's a wrap to anybody that thought they had it
    Ya need to think again
    Throw ya hands up, it's Lil' B for lil' boys
    I need all the Based energy I can

    Yeah is this what you really want, ya got me in the flesh now
    No, I'm not stressed out, I'm God, I'm the best out
    Rap transperant, my see-through glasses
    Incoherent, and no I'm not starin'
    I just see through you
    And from your heartbeat you is soft in the middle
    I'm real on the outside, solid in the inside, bitch, it's the Westside
    Chopper in the trunk, leave you soaked like a wet slide
    It's a part-time, rap game is my shit
    I'm so sick, I'm feeling so nauseous
    Somebody tell the earth I'm the best now
    Somebody tell the ocean I'm the best out
    Somebody tell the trees, I'm here now
    Somebody tell the world I'm Based now
    See me in outerspace, I'm outta reach today
    Celebrate for me, I'm Based for life

    Auf der Arbeit entdeckt

    Im Dezember laufen sooooooooooo viele menschen Amok.... Gibt es bzw gab es im Dez nicht jeden 2-3 Tag ne meldung über Mütter die Kinder umbringen ( 7 Kinder), oder 13 Tote hier und dann heute fährt doch jemand in eine Menschenmenge und verletzt dabei 11 menschen....Zufall Zufall :-D

  2. Lieber Claudio,ich liebe diesen Film vor allem auf Deutsch,wortgetreu dem Johannesevangelium,nur der Geist der Wahrheit erkennt was diese Worte sagen,viele hören diese Worte können aber leider damit garnichts anfangen.Ich danke dir Claudio und freue mich auf weiter Beiträge von dir.
    Bis bald Lieber Gruß Ludwig

  3. Hier ist der ganze Film:

    Danke Claudio, dass Du mir geholfen hast Gott zu finden – und Jesus Christus.

    Gott segne Dich!

    LG Nils

    1. Das freut mich sehr, vielen Dank Nils! Und Du hast mich dazu gebracht, über die Beschaffenheit der Welt bzw. der Erde nachzudenken, und es beschäftigt mich noch, weil da tatsächlich manches nicht so recht ins Bild passt. zB der Horizont sollte keine gerade Linie sein. Werde dazu auch ein Video machen, bzw. wollte ich bereits. Kommt noch:)

      Danke auch an dich lieber Ludwig für Deine Kommentare! Es ist schön zu wissen, dass es Menschen gibt, die Jesus kennen und sehen können, wer er in Wahrheit ist. Und darum wissen, dass wer an Jesus glaubt in Wahrheit an den Vater glaubt, und wer nicht an den Sohn glaubt auch den Vater nicht kennt.

      Lieber Gruss